Play me the orchestration of this Love’s tune!
To wage war and silent my inner fears;
Filling to brim, the star depth of my ears;
With its unbroken melodious melody’s tune!

Will this love endure with you by my side,
To course the miles of greatness;
When others in their pium pium jeep,
Offers to give you a lift, like fluttering dove;
And rob me of your love?

Will this love last:
When soft spots become hard spots;
And earlier laughter provoking words,
Wears in us sad faces, and twist into naked words;
That electrocute, burying those striking spots?

Will thy feelings linger,
Than the deals of Arsene Wenger,
When smoking garri;
Wheels from fun, but to feed worms that tarry?

Will you say same of me;
When my hideous side,
Is puffed by this wind of change?

If no,
please let me in my world of loneliness, lay;
Like the sleeping dog and find solace in my pen:
filling the gaping gap with words of my pen;
Till the walls of glittering hopes,
Is sewed with tidings of realities!
Strike no cobalt waters!
lest, thy flood my Love’s sensation to eternal doom!

Copyright: Nseobong Edem.