While you walk the paths a lone ranger, and all seems blur, dark and naive.
The world turns left while you turn right. Oh! That when the world turn backs on you.
What hope, confidence, and belief do you have? . Which of your life belongings can you boast of?
Who cares?

Somehow dark and dreary. “oh! My very once Ego, pride and joy”. All a fairy tale. “But who really cares and understand?”.
Friend sometimes are Chameleon. The very ones you loose faith and trust in them when things go wrong.
Though you’ve been old time friends and walking distance of crooked paths.
I tell you, kiss challenges , they’ll wave you off.
Hey man! Life isn’t Bread and Butter.

Well many stands the problems of life, hold on to the tie and bond of love and say “Never!.

What consolation do you have in your parents and siblings when the worst comes and yet you couldn’t point at them. Say I have a Father, Mother, Brother or Sister?
Who cares?

” I honestly loose ties with appointments”! . All alone? Not even a message. You talk of a call?
And now despondent, and difficulties troll in like you are a master at welcoming heartaches.

Who cares?
“When the days are weary.
The long night dreary,
God cares! “