Three wounds killed caesar
Casca, the first sword’s man
Did take Caesar’s strength in his clan
At the back he twisted it in without a glance
With eyes opened up in amazing pain
Caesar felt his blood in pain through his vein
Not gone yet, he screamed with painful pain.
Staggering with life, he walked unsteadily
Cassius, the second sword’s man
Did put Caesar before the door of death
He, the creator of the evil plan
Wanting to take away Caesar’s breath
He passed the blade through Caesar’s chest
Giving him a bloody blood of bloody chest.
Turning with hopeful hopelessness
He turned to see the beloved in sadness
Brutus! The last sword’s man.
‘You too Brutus’? He asked the betrayer
A painful death was it, to see the beloved in the plot to take his life
Piercing him at the middle of his chest
Taking him to the house if death
Brutus the beloved
The one trusted
Took Julius Caesar
To the grave.
So three wounds
Killed Caesar
The one of the betrayer
The most painful pain took him away
Just three painful wounds.