The Conferred awards on the deads by PMB I will say is a Malady in the political scene of any democratic and autonomous state of which Nigeria claims to be of no exception.

Taking a filmsy flashback, you will recall that Nigerians actively participated at the
General elections of June 12 1993. No one doubts that. Then, Universal Adult suffrage as a right was claimed and materialised.

Till now, is the mystery behind the shameful death of MKO Abiola and a Judicial hero, Gani Fawehinmi unravelled .And every June 12 has been chaos coincidental.

The current administration would by millions of Nigerian be praised if a thorough investigation was put in place either in revealing the Brainchild of MKO Abiola’s Death than the awarding titles of GCFR, GCON to Abiola and his running mate respectively.
I see this unwittingly done and approved by the leadership of this country.

To who is the glory and beauty of these awards conferred on?
If by selfish gains and malpractices, Rights are being denied, It is of what value?
If he by death died shamefully and his anchors through tragic setups were killed, Is there any reason to celebrate Democracy on this day?

Of a truth, Nigeria’s picture is explicit enough of a digital world by a leadership of Analog thinking.

I believe Democracy isn’t celebrated by a major few and decisions on political matters as regards the entire nation isn’t the right of an electoral college or by some calibre of people.

The entire process as regards the posthumous Awards is an Infringement of Human rights.
It is a decision to be made by an entire nation of Nigerians through Referendum.

The leadership of this country by this have spat on our drinking waters and we can’t accept this.

It in no way Justify Nigeria as democratic nations, by the chain of events June 12 1993 hangs on, the self Declaration and mysterious death of the awardees.

This political generation has failed as we are being colonised by our ownselves.

Nigeria is turned a nation where the thoughts of the people is not theirs anymore and we can’t abide by this.

The bill. ‘Not too young to run’ I believe was signed under much and persistent pressure.

This I believe if seen as a chance to display true democratic theatrics by all Nigerians understandably, will change our fortune as a nation.

But after then will the truth be revealed that signing the bill into law is the worst mistake they had made. Bidding their generation, a massacre of Truth, Justice and Democracy a Bye forever.

Abegunde Israel Cimthog.
7th June 2018.