Nigeria as a blessed, frontline and Giant of Africa is believed to be a heterogeneous state with Nations of different languages,culture,norms and traditions.

This attributes among others have contributed to her high prestige and preference above her sister states.

Though she has been operating as a multi ethic state with different tribes and regions each owing to her language and cultural practices, the colonisation of Nigeria by the great Britain and the imposition of hard labour, Slavery and Imperialism on the indigenous people of Nigeria has compelled and brought her citizen together under one umbrella.

But most importantly, history have it said that Christian missionaries came to Nigeria with education in their left hand. Since the only way to have their words communicated was through the use of English Language.

It is however amazing to realise that Africans learnt and embrace their new found faith (Christianity )with the education it brings. Though it was then taught at a surface level.

Hence the origin of English Language as Nigeria’s lingua franca could be traced to this.

Having followed the chain of events that contributed to choosing English Language as Nigeria’s lingua franca, Submissions on how well it has significantly gone well is hereby highlighted below.


Language as an essential tool in the coming together, understanding and expressing human feelings has not exempted the long way English Language has effected a significant progression in the human experience most essentially in Nigeria as an heterogeneous state.

It has brought Nigeria as a federal state of semi municipal states together.

As a result, people of different tribes,traditions and norms find their way to living in harmony using a comprehensible language understood by them.

Hereby breaking the barrier of tribalism,favouritism and all forms of racial segregation. Thus creating an enabling environment for them.


As Nigeria’s lingua franca, English has effectively being a communicative tool in her business world and civil circuit.

Hereby breaking the linking barrier between the state,workers and the common man.

It has also make the governmental administration of each circuit flow at ease and a more efficient pace.

Most importantly in the revelation of grievances, and submissions of opinion by the citizens to the government. Thereby making their thoughts and evaluative participatory in the political run of the state known.


It has helped most significantly in the Nigeria’s participation of Multilateralism in the the world’s game of multiplayer.

Nigeria’s membership in international organisations and world communities such as UNO, AU,Commonwealth was made possible by it deployment of the world’s most recognised and universal language of communication.

Hereby making her as entity to pursue her divers of foreign policy and making decisions in her partnership within the global world.

Conclusively, due to the breakdown and ease of comprehensibility of English Language, Almost every category person in Nigeria can speak and understand English Language.

It’s not however amazing to discover that there are other forms and sub English versions e.g pidgin english.

Therefore the glory thus far linguafranca has in Nigeria in the play of it role is the comprehensibility of it as a language even by a common Nigerian citizen.

(C)Abegunde Israel Cimthog.