Where do you come from, river sweet ?
Whence do your wavelets roam?
Is it a lake or a mountain brake,
Where fairies make their home ?
Is it a land where children play
Or old folks dream at close of day
Nay," said the river,whispering low ,It is from Babyland I flow! ”
Why do you hurry, O river fleet ?
Can you not stay your stream,
And waft me tenderly,soft and sweet,
Back to that land of dream ?
Can we not turn and play once more
In Babyland, as we played of yore ?
Nay," said the river,that may not be;
There’s no returning for you or me ! ”
Whither away, I cried again,
Whither away, O river fleet ?
Do you rest at last when your journey’s past
In some beautiful land of dream?
is it a land that we may know,
And find the peace of the long ago?
Yes, " said the river,a land that’s blest;
‘Tis the land of love and eternal rest ! ‘