“Until the lions have their own historian, the history of the hunt will always favour the hunter.” – Chinua Achebe.

In the atom, there exists three main sub particles, which are the negatively charged electrons, the positively charged protons, and neutrally charged neutrons.
In Nigeria, there early three main ‘sub people’, the positive, the negative and the neutral Nigerians.
In the atom, the neutrally charged proton only contributes to the weight of the atom and does not alter the chemical properties of the atom. Similarly, in Nigeria, the neutrals contribute neither positivity nor negativity, but contribute only to the population of the country.
The question, then is, “do we need neutrals in Nigeria? ”
The question is an epistemological question which shall in turn lead to the ontological question of existence. But I do not have all the answers to these questions.

These questions appeal to our intuitions. They are personal popular questions.

Existence is only ascertained by essence.
Therefore, when a being is of no essence it is non-existent.

Now comes, yet, another personal question – “what is essence?”
Essence is just the life lived.

Earlier, I said these questions are epistemological questions because they are tests of knowledge. The knowledge gathered in feelings. The knowledge we all have. Therefore, the answers to them, we all know because we all feel.
In another way, the question can be “how do you feel about these neutral Nigerians?”

Now you should see everyone should be able to answer these questions, because they are questions of opinion. Trying to pull out words. Boiling, hot, words from our mouths.

These questions can only do the good of invoking “bias answers” since they appeal first to our intuitions.

In answering these question, activists certainly shall be ready to wipe out negatives and neutrals. I am an activist, I feel the same. I am a positive Nigerian. Neutrals feel shall certainly think it’s all a stupid idea to attempt answering such a question. But, this a test of knowledge. To “negatives”, the question is only a kind of noise. They feel angry like all others. They hate the others.
Applicable to all, the three groups is anger.
But among one another, they continue to exist and separated by a fog of “hate”.

Life has always been a struggle between good and evil with the “you are either for us or against us” mentality. The neutrals shall suffer attacks from both extremes as their significance is unknown.

In all generations there is always a call for compensation of a group of people by another because of wrong(s) done centuries ago. It will only be if history favours the oppressed.

In Nigeria, there exists a continuous struggle between the masses and the leaders. A struggle which the “Nigerian Democracy ” have not been able to resolve – a struggle for the joys of materiality, honour and justice.
This have left Nigerians shattered down to sole soles of the soul when denied the opportunity to have the joys of life.

The persistent calls for compensation are always failing, as the oppressed have no historian to recite the long sequence of events that happened centuries ago. Though, events can have many possible histories, our histories have turned against us. They don’t favour us.

When shall we have historians of Democracy from among us to recite to us the long lines of our blooded and bloody history to make it favour us?