By Ojo Tofunmi

To the yellow pawpaw
Let me be a knitting knife
Slicing thy moonly pod.

To the black opal
Let me be thy shea butter
Shining on thy body.

To the robust machine
Let me be thy machine-gun
Energizing the whole system.

To the straight Shade
Let me be thy dom
Vulcanizing thy lowering tube.

To the solitary
Let me be thy companion
Erasing and healing the soring wound.

To the hedonist
Let me thy reggae
Stirring up an endless tango!

I’ll gently slice thy pawpering pod,
I’ll rub the glowing skin,
I’ll energize vehemently thy system,
I’ll vulcanize thoroughly thy lowering tube,
I’ll feignly heal the soring wound.

Trust me for these!
Yours Sugared,but deadly.