Stephanie Meets Stephen
He gently kissed her on the cheek,
Convulsive chills rushed through her willowy body.
She rubbed the cheek over and over
Till it was red with blush,
Her humble lips chirped
And her scarfed throat choked
She was coquettishly breathless.
Her humble breasts heaved up and down,
The hairs at her Madonna nape stood up
A debilitating wave of warmth swept through her;
Explosive shards prickled her body,
Hairs inside her pants danced a slow waltz
To the tingle of yearning.
How she hated the moment:
The brusque kiss,
His sudden leaving to nowhere,
and the crazies they’d done.
She undressed him mentally,
Lost herself in fantasy
Imagined his skin: lustrous, and sexy;
His broad shoulders,
Gorgeous masculine waist,
A body of marvellous symmetry;
Shameful and vaguely revolting, his vibrant manhood
A bush of tar-black hair entangling…
Memories of the original sin struck her—
it must have been like this
For the Eve of Eden,
The serpent of passion:
The apples Eve saw as fruits of wisdom
Stephanie saw them as an aphrodisiac.
It was all over;
In the air she breathed
The smell of the apples she’d devoured,
The stench of their juice she’d guzzled,
The satiation she had felt, and
The mellow voice of the serpent—
It was music to the ears,
The tune she’d danced to ‘till she’s naked.
She was not alone in her room
A familiar voice asked her,
“What have you done, Stephanie?”
She realized—and knew—
And innocently said,
“The snake of Eden tricked me,
And I ate the apples that Stephen gave me.”

Awoniran Victor © 2018