When you are lost in confusion
With your heart full of depression
When your life is tangled in mess
With your mind marked hopeless
Be aware, God’s the giver of gladness

When you run after clover in fold
And you couldn’t latch on it in hold
When all painted over you are scars
Even without the discerning of stars
Be conscious, God is in your mind.

When you sight your home & espy nothingness
And your connected blood are designate aimless
When you long for for an abode spruce up of rest
When the bodies in sight breathe a zest of a pest
Be apprise, God is your matchless healer of pains

When you behold your portrayal in richness
But your assets are painted in emptiness
When your bones are fashioned powerless
Don’t be melt away in the ache hopelessness
Be informed, God is the giver of bountifulness

©Muhammadnasir Aloba Eminent