Summer in winter
Kept going on and harder
My snow kept melting, turning into water
The evil one, the killer
Bad man, controller
Was still there, taking charge and being greater
The heat became hotter
My snow became warmer
He shouted with intimidating anger
I obeyed every word, becoming milder
He felt relaxed as he watched, I in solar
This killer never knew that winter
Was made of wind and water
Summer do blaze at different borders
But when the wind of winter
Covers the horizon, powerless becomes summer
And ice cools off the wild heat of summer
So snow is still mild but becomes wilder
When it intensifies its mildness, colder
So I let myself become wildest killer
But my mildness became milder
Which made me stronger
And finally I captivated the killer
And snowish winter controlled summer
Finally I was the controller
And my snow fell in summer
Summer was gone, I saw only winter
Then I released a sigh and laughter
Now call me snow an winter.
Oh! This is mine forever
‘Cause I pened it as a thinker
So snow falls in summer.