Snow falls in summer
I see summer in winter
I check my brain, see blood and water
I danced like never before, the welcomer
I hit my chest like a man stronger
I moved out to challenge the killer
The one called bad man controller
Stood in the middle did I, seemed braver
One shout of the killer
Made I go on my knees, disaster
“Alas! Don’t hurt me”! I became the beggar
” But don’t take me as thy slave, I’ll be sadder.
Oh! If I could be braver
If I could be mild and wilder
Thy summer won’t come into my winter
And my winter never into my summer
So I’ll try being braver
For the day of the war of the fighter.
Oh! May the readers not say: ” This is mine “.
And pen it in writing, ’cause its mine.