T.D Jakes said that

“the best way to handle life critics is to live your life.”

But it is amazing to discover that many leave and abandons divers of Games all because of critics from friends, families and a host of other people.
Try understanding that in asmuch you live and breathe, Criticism would always be an indifferent attitude of people towards your travails and living of life to its best and optimum standards.

Every living being is subjected to criticism and it’s got a mission to weighs your strength while you’re living a conditioned life. A merchant, lawyer, Doctor, Teacher, Builder, talk of anybody! The young and the old, rich and poor. I tell you that you’re living a conditioned life spared forĀ  divine purposes. So everyone is entitled to his own share in a well proportioned measure.

You are alone, you think? The greatest man on earth has his own plights. Possibly a life threatening one that is even more dreadful than yours. So, maybe you’re thinking that your life’s challenges compounds each day. Hey! I tell you, look through the telescope. They are but few that would land you into an era of celebration.
Get this right; many had, and great number of people are in your shoes. So, you’re not the first and certainly not the last to face such odds.

Primarily, we dreamt of a future. A glorious one that radiates in it’s magnificence. The wishes of man is numerous with limited satisfaction.
But you got to understand that something actually must be a stepping stone to making it realistic.
A man would ever aspire to live a primed life that is freed of shameful adventures. The truth is, the worst will come and you’ll surely face them.

Your batteredĀ  hope and bashful moments are indeed what colours the brightest moments of your life.
Maybe not now but tomorrow, your hoped future of success will surely come. Well your friends you see making it if by dubious means they accumulates more of their wealth, slowly, like time fades away their doom will come with a resounding echo of devastation.

Even as turbulent seas troubled our voyage,there is one thing that keeps us moving with confidence, of which I congratulate you even as you read this piece that #Self_conviction drives your wheeled life through the stormy seas of life.
Keep this handy;

“Critiques are devouring Lions and vampires of greatness, and every unstable man is a subject to destruction. But a Self convicted man with an esteemed vision is assured a landing ground that radiates in the brilliance of its Beauty”