It was on a sunny afternoon. When the Eye of heaven has no smile on it’s face.

One would Probably think the Iniquity of man on earth had
made the heaven’s eye turn red to punish the earth.

It, in it’s fury shown in its highest degree of light that
It’s hotness boiled skins like ones cooked for Meat.

Under a Tree.

A Neem Tree.

For it is a very big one that has a wide Umbrella of cool
Condensed air.

The two of us.

We sat to gist, laugh and talk about the realities of life.

Remembered vividly well,

We were on our School uniform.

A one with white and whine grid colour patterned Short sleeve shirt and a matching pair of Brown Trousers.

Beautifully sown,

Well pressed,

Neatly dressed.

On a nice Brown khaki leather shoes.

And She,

On her slim smooth textured brown shoes.

She wore them fit and looked nice on them.

Matching codes to looking even more uniformed.

We had joke and had mockery on our English Teacher.

She is an Educated illiterate .

“Students, when we talks about Nouns, It is a name of any people..
hey! Can you just tell us the what Noun is?”

“Yes ma!….A noun is..It is…”

“You can see your life outside the box..get this note written down, and before
Our next class get the definition of Noun stock in your brains!”.

Laughter…as we mimicked the poor teacher.

exchanging words in her manner.

She’d always walk out of the class with a faked frown.
And on the inside of her ‘d be a gratifying heart having ride one of her must faced challenges over


would be an asseesment test to fail us all.

Under the Neem Tree.

In a long flat slab placed on two mould bricks.

We sat.

And the weather, through the wind felled leaves on us and littered the ground.


“You’ve got something to say?”

“No..I just…”

I perceived she had nursed several thoughts and having them coined
in words isn’t a problem.
but having them spelt out had been a hugesome task for her.

Uneasiness were read on her face.

There are expressions her heart wants let go to be free.

“I’m all ears” I said.

Sitting Oppositely Sideways, she forced her thoughts out in 4 words.

“Know what love is?”

I had it thought and had long dreamt that there would come a day to answer a question like this when t’will be told point-blank and not make a mountain out of a mole hill but plainly would say a sentence of three words that has a four alphabetical make up word inbetween the first and last words.

A one I wished to call a red-letter day.

The question.




I began.

“Long ago I planted a seed.
Have it watered everyday.
The seed is one that has germinated.
And I have always watch it grow.
Enduring all kinds of weather.

Patient with time, Its buds has eaten fat and its fast growing.

I have it nurtured… It’s huntsman never sleeps.

Keeping eye on it dearly..for it is a costly seed sown .


I have been playing the hunts game ,conscious of every step and that at the hear of any creaking sound.

I have the best measure.

This seed sown.


Tree grown.

I would love grow from a mere seed sown.

But grow from seed to seqouia.

And its leaves.


Blossoms …

Like Roses bright.

It’s fruits ..I want Manned and see it live in chains as it goes till my eyes stands to behold its ends no more.


If I would watch this sown seed of mine grow as my heart wanted.

I need a company of one who

Has my vision

A vision of my mission

My mission of possibilities

Possibitilies that seems impossible

Impossible because it seems untrue.

Someone who

Has same heart as mine

A heart hearty to please my sown seed.

A one that ‘d know no betrayal.

And if by chance want it befriended, would call it a global criminal to the face.

One that is Proud.


And uniquely possess the quality of an advocate good enough to defend the course of my sown seed anywhere.”

“Shiiiiiii……enough!” She said.

“I found these qualities in you.
And the seed seed sown is Love.”…I muttered.

Shall I then say then say the sentence made up of three words?
These three words that has a word of four Alphabets inbetween the first and last words?

While in deep thoughts of how to go about it.

She threw me a lovely punch.

cuts in,


Helped my thoughts…

“I lOVE you!”

©Abegunde Israel