“THE PATH I TAKE” is an artwork of poetry revealing the innards of the bard Chika on her favorite genre, Poetry, tell how gruesome it means and feels to be different and able to pen down hearts.
The poet Chika encrypts her messages well with the couplet rhyme scheme used in most stanza thereby creating a pleasurable atmosphere for readers, both new and   avid readers of poetry.
She’s dexterously uses her right choice of diction to convey a message with deep meaning in a simple format.

Here is her submission on POETRY 24/7’s POETESS OF THE YEAR 2018 which made her the second on the winning list.

I’d go out there to get a sheet
I’d allow my pen dance on it

suited words together I’d knit

reconstructing lines till it fit
They yell “what say you ’bout pen?”

Those foolish things put far from you!

Wealth and power covet thou to earn

Before your time on earth is due.
The path I take indeed is dark

But my companion here is light

“Dont go” they call as I embark

But I need go for I must write.
My companion remains my pen

With it on my hand I’m fearless

For this poetic path I yearn

It I’d take: I’m a poetess


Team wordcrakers felicitate with you on your poetry conquest.