It was getting late that evening when my Dad received an urgent call (place unknown , caller anonymous), few minutes later my Dad returned with a mysterious Korean girl who is behaving funnily, I stayed back from her initially but later came to knowledge that this same girl as been to our house before , I studied her and discovered that she’s gat some behavioral wrongs.

I moved closer to hear that she was muttering something, like she was asking some questions. My Dad wasn’t there to tell me what her plight was and I’ve been mute since I’ve been standing there gazing at her like a dummy. I knew she was a Korean with her physiognomy and all my mind was that I can’t communicate her since she won’t understand Yoruba .

As I continued the wondering look, I saw a paper in her hand, collected it and gave it a close look to see it is a mathematics question paper for an exam and that the questions in that paper is what she’s been reciting and the answers to them is what she’s been trying to proffer, at that instant my mind opened that I can communicate her in English, then I began to notice that she’s been trying to ask me if I can answer some of the questions in that paper , when I looked at those questions I discovered that they are far above my level.

After a while I started communicating her, who she was, what she wanted, how I could help but she didn’t answer any of my questions but was busy asking her’s . I started answering her when she began to ask about ‘belief’ do you believe in Paradise? she asked, “Yes I do” I answered .

Using that opportunity I asked her do you know how to get to Paradise? And for the first time she gave a reply ” not really ”. At that juncture I diagnosed her problem to be a literate obsession by academic spirits from the second world.

I led her in a sensitive discussion on getting to that Paradise which she desired to be, and gave her those ageless blueprints which she gladly accepted and after that, had a nice sleep that night.

In the morning the next day, we were awoken by the strange exclamatory sound from this mysterious girl people rushed into where she was and came out saying it is an ‘Ethiopian spirit’ ….

…. And that was when I resurrected from my siesta.