While we see today we say there is life, but in cascade everyone to fit○
You say being in the race is competingߏ↓ but for the sprinter it Marathons
Your baton drops, another set, to start your behind on the very track.
Every ones definition is not a record of him breasting tape
But the indelible print clear as crystal.
either zigzaging or continously straight for he Behind to comprehend the footpath ere him
Each cascading roles is the life to live and leave in leaflet for ages come
So, what is life?

Life is a marathon we all sprit in, in bits.
Involving all on their similar track to run.
On your track, set, go! Sounds the whistle for all.
Some with speed, some on velocity,changing their life’s course.
Slow and steady?(Adolescents)
Constantly accelerating.?(Adults)
Full speed, once at terminal velocity(Aged)
All with different purposes, directional or non directional.
So be life!

Many a number never moves to edge on pace.
These are done with time ere their birth.
Some start with full speed hopeful to win the race,
and to potholes they dig, never to lift again.
Never they finish to see its end, only to fade at their MORNING.
A bunch nimble with life and agility with roaring cheers.
But mid race they stumble, only to last the AFTERNOON.
Just a many few steadily accelerate though with hurdling hiccups.
But to breast the finishing line, making it through to NIGHT
Thus the MAN is completed
what a life?

Mixed with mixt feelings
Death and birth concurrently
Sorrowing and rejoicing synchronous
Bewitchment and fulfilment simultaneous
Failures and feats coterminous
Differing dispensing its kinds
Not with formula, but a random throw
Geometry to swishing planes
Bad and good we coined All together
summing to make this a Man for nature to deal
This is life!

(c) Abegunde Moses★