Everyone started in groups
From colonies unknown
All starting have zero loops
Well set before the start is blown

It is a journey to a land afar
No one dares go alone
Hurdles abound making lonely’s fall apart
And turning them to nothing but a clown

Focuses are easily swayed
As there are lots of trendings
Staying safe is what I have played
And ‘riding of folks that ain’t blending

It is rather a mystery
that there is a detaching of the source of Thrive
There is a sense of being free
But obviously it is the start of an endless strive

Now, help I’d far blown away
As groups face their ways
The line man is going astray
And his strength fails while he wage

The voyage turned sole
Having no one to console
This is the weakness of every soul
That encounters the loss of control

Sailing thru is deemed hard
Those that did must have had a miracle
WithHolden helps turns him mad
Survival is known only of the only oracle

The lone man on a lonely mile
Strikes for mastery on high
Strength and weakness doesn’t matter
But grace on a golden platter

Here comes the one man battalion
An embodiment of arsenal
Hunting down easily as a lion
The result of times harder

Going alone, going slow, but had come far
The one man army amidst the combat
Generals envy his strength to have
But can’t get thru the life he had.