Before now!
loving you was a crime
but i rather remain convicted.
Your parents frowned at me like the touches of Orun at noon in the sunshine state
but my heart smiled at me like the sweet view of Osupa at nite.

As we enjoy the nite with Ere Osupa,
Iya Awero appeared like Ogboju ode ni igbo irunmole,
i flee, but my heart remains with you.
Eso Alaafin arrested me for seeing you,
but my heart was filled with Orin ife for i was convicted for the one i love.

Awero offered to take my hands in a run-away,
but the smiles she put on Iya Awero’s face could turn to tears.
My heart silently whispers,
this moments won’t last forever,
if we could stand the test of time.

Iya Awero said
Ife dun
sugbon ife a maa tan ni.
(love is sweet, but love could be deceitful.)

© Temitope Oluwafemi

1. Orun means the Sun.
2. Osupa means the moon.
3. Ere Osupa connotes the moonlight play.
4. Ogboju ode ni ninu igbo irunmole means a brave hunter in the feared forest.
5. Eso Alaafin means the guards or police of the old oyo monarch.
6. Awero is a name given to female children in the yoruba lineage.