Being an ordinary Man isn’t a reason for  living. But you being what you’re destined to be. But that has to do with you hitting the Target.

Targets are are your aspirations and as admirations, And possibly what you have to live up to, to be the BEST in all. Not settling for the less or most complementary substitute, but standing your ground even when the worst comes.

Now get your eyes fixed, A #Catapult is a local material used in hunting small games. For you to be a professional, you need to pass series of tests, mounting up ladders. Here Targeting is involved, once you miss the shot, you miss the Target. You can release a stone at a Bird miles away, but the joy is you having it even in your own hands.

#Focus! Come what may, should be the fuel that drives you to a bright destined land. Not folding up to the oppositions from home, peers, institutions or laws. You need strive to say GREAT! at last.

Being mindful of alluring sages that drafts tragedies, keep courage a life spouse, holding on to a life covenant of vision,foresight and steadfastness.

“Don’t you ever settle for the less, being the BEST pride in your Joy”(Abegunde Israel).