When all is turned upside down and Hopelessness the living figure. Gat we any dividends enjoyed? Adult suffrage a chapter in history Franchise a myth in the land of witless wits. Gat we any game played? “When the playground is empty of children toys,who needs roadblocks? “- Gbanabom Hallowall

Representation of the populace and putting aside self gains. Played at all?
Here or there are circs and quads of the pot bellied. Well ,not a crime they’re tagged pregnant men. You mean when poverty reigns with sovereignty?
Bumper harvests things of past? Pyramids married lost?

Certainty of Eligibility; a stinking playtscript in our own world? Brown envelopes called Lords and men Vassals? Feudalism of a forgotten tribe?
Greys of sucked flesh ruling agrowing age? All but for the selfishness of the 60’s and 70’s. Ages past with stinking thoughts, compatible at all?

Let the skies unfold and the earth be melt to rid them off! Be thou Anametha(cursed) ..Thou useless tools of a shameless generation .

Lease to the world the ruling rod! Lease out the fighting sword! Of bookish theories we’re ruled and Mediocres the ruling class. Plutocracy?

Marrying Confuscus principle: ” In a country well governed, Poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, Wealth is something to be ashamed of. ”

Well I believe these poetry lines of Gbemisola Adeoti in her work, “THE AMBUSH” best define Nigeria as ” A giant Whale that swallows the Sinker with hook,line and bait”. A Land that lacks Ambition and Aspirations as a virtue of good leadership. Nigeria; A living dead! That expires the dreams of ambitious sages.

All but one best tell the story and thus St.Augustus said in his advert that “once you remove Justice,the human community becomes barn of robbers ” Say these but this once, and all ‘ll be cut in twain! That the law of Equity a bazzire and it’s predominance a rotten script. Robbers,Jacks of all trade.

So we panic at the booming shots of gun? Gat we any beats of heart at all? Let the worst of all come! And the blood of major shed! Let the Bats of heaven feed on them that merrymake on earth. So be it!

For they in disguise plough our land and sow seeds of pain and sorrow for us to reap in agony.
For they in disguise, wolves in sheep’s clothing has our backs on the ground even when they hath first begged of our thumbs to vote them in.

For in what shall we glory in If our home is no longer a place to live in and our sleeps is with an open eye?

Unless we run democracy void of self gains!
Unless we no more pervert Justice!
Unless we no more segregate and Judgments isn’t based on the colour of the skin..
Unless we reward Entrepreneurship and hail creativity, skills and innovations!
Unless we live in homes and sleeps like new born babes with our two eyes closed!
Unless we rule in accordance to the constitution and protects the Integrity of our Nation.

Unless we raise our once giant that is fallen and make Nigeria a better place to live in ….

We shall continue to live like slaves , even in our own land.