I am not a spoilt brat
I only choose you
For I love you with all my heart
To give all of me to you

Tell me I did wrong to make you make me bleed in pleasure
But now you are gone and took away my treasure
Only now I realized I lost my virginity
Then I thought I gave it in sanity…
For you were a thief that stole away my pride
All were lies the story you told of me becoming one day your bride

An innocent girl I was, mamas pride and joy
She told me all that I needed to know how dangerous is a boy
She gave me all the lessons to lessen my pain
But i veiled my ears with thoughts finding you was a gain

I listened to you but not to mama
I disobeyed all instructions made by papa
For i was in love with you totally and absolutely
An innocent girl who loves you so completely

All the days I have loved you, it’s clear now they were abuses
All those days of your kind of loving now left with heart bruises
Often you zipped down to urinate thick fluids in my round
I took it in with love but to you I was a dumping ground

I would not lay on you a curse
Those were not the right ways of course
I would leave you to God to judge
And hold with you no silly grudge

How I bled for you in pain and pleasurable pleasure
Thinking you were a sane and innocent creature
For now my eyes are opened and clear to see
Your promises of love for me were drowned at sea

Copyright: Jide Bakare