It was a blissful time that night in the year 2016 when I received a sudden complaint from one of my contacts, it’s quite unusual, this brother is a trusted brother how can someone be complaining about him

“I don’t even know where to start, just warn him… Although he has apologized… How can he call me a prostitute simply because I …”

I was baffled and started wondering what could be the cause, but I just I have to do some “social media patting” which led to a long conversation that night as ‘detectorial’ questions flowed in out of a pure mind.

The bonding was so quick that some expressions couldn’t be with holden, normal exchanges occurred and the voyage of friendliness kicked off. Its one thing to know its another thing to understand.

Sure enough , there were times when exchange of oral-verbal bullets were inevitable but one will…

Surely bend for the other, what a fitting! Being teens some situations are unavoidable one of them led to a seemingly ‘contact exile’ but good enough ” the sun-set of today awaits the promise of another sun rise” . self a sourced ‘extra cool’ moments evolved and colossal minutes were spent on vocal contact and the rapour was uninterrupted and time flies

The 5th day of the fourth month in the three-less two millennial plus a score year, as I sat in that long walled building of the premier citadel of my domain with my business about starting I closed my eyes to whisper for succour from the supreme I couldn’t do to forget my counterpart in the probably ten month old friendship.

It all boiled down to the hope of a better tomorrow which when it came was quite unexpected, ‘its a story not to be told’ favouring one delaying the other twice.

Now, here is the issue, unfavorable condition placed, (parents can be funny sometimes) how can I descend to jacking with my juniors, explanations won’t do, complaints turn powerless , will I accept this as fate? No, never!! But I’ve been given to remain mute, surely I’ve learnt my lesson and thats the most important…

“Even though things are awful but this dude is wonderful , I find it easy pouring out when that presence comes by”

— I observed and wishingly prayed, fortunately here is a better alternative.

Life in the house is another case entirely , ‘ how could he not consider our opinion’ even if affluence is involved’ — and now things are changing.