By His Words

When He at creation ,
Hath made things beautifully well.
Oh! The wonders of creation;
He hath made them well.
Of spoken words; He hath made them all.

He, at once gathered the Heads.
And at one place they had commune
“How well shall It be to make one head over this creations?”
And together they nod.
Affirming this, they did start and made Man.

Of what hath He made man?
He, from the dust hath made him to over his creations man.
But to the Heads that were gathered, lights seems so dim.
For him after creation hath no breathe in him.

Standing still like a ghost,stunning perfect;
Justly defined God’s replica.
Beholding it hath made Him joyous .
Him being applauded by the Heads that stood Him through.

For the Breathe to give man was only left.
And this by miracle hath made the Heads marvel that….
By spoken words He hath given man Breathe .
Anchored by dominion and strength.
And thus Man was made a living soul.