Looking Far, extending your gaze at our country,
What do you see?
You see abject poverty, hostility and prejudice
Some others see corruption, hardship and military rule in disguise

Coming more closer into the family
Favouritism,Partiality and fight for authority and power are all evident
Brothers raise against themselves-Their image they dent

Do not look too far,look within
Is Patriotism,unflinching and unending love for our country there
No!Our heart exhibit and pant after apathy-continuously as a deer

Look no more,for lookers we have been
Look no more,for looking further means more sadness,sorrow and grief
Look no more,for looking further comes with more heartache

Oh!!!we constantly looked
While we sit complaining, murmuring and blaming our leaders
Neglecting the necessary, chasing shadows and now the consequence we bear

I looked.Oh!!!!!I looked beyond into the near future
Hope,glory, rejuvenation, restoration,prosperity and affluence are all I see
For the positive change we crave for is possible, If only it starts from within.

©Ruth Jayeola