Being angry isn’t a solution to a multitudinous bulks of problem.

Frightening eyes and threatening sounds is in no way a stair case that channels Change. It worsen the states and the atmospheric conditions of the plight you’re going through. Do understand that Anger is diagnosed of you at the very instant you lack morals of Humanity.

It kills they say, but how true is it? Hey! Not just your physique, vigor, sounds, bullying nature and Fury that defines tragedy and death!
Your Tongue is enough! Even as salt sweetens, it spoils as well even in dynamic ways. The miracle here is, that the range at which the Tongue operates through infuriating anger by words is in no way different.
It kills and slaughters even more brutally than using triggers. Its a friend that embarrasses and shuts doors. And while satisfying its desires lives a wound to be nursed all day.

Let’s talk Anger! It kills the joy you have in beauty! Oh dear, just take a look, right? See how beautiful you are! Find a mirror, see into your appearance while you frown and the garment of fury is worn.

It, in seconds destroy a life long statue of Success, hope, aspiration and others unmentioned. Do find a positive attitude and intention always. Laugh at all worst and smile in the goodies of Greatness.
So smile, the storm is over!