“In the absence of a true theory that approves God we know He is real by intuition.”

“Faith helps build the soul, threading junks under sole.” – Abegunde Israel.


I wished to flee
For He was called a Guard
But feared for a learning fee
For that He must be called God
And indeed He was called

I wept when I they said
Not all that call, “my Lord”
Shall taste the great civilisation He laid
His life for. Rather He was to forge
A reed made of one in the earth’s bowel

Later He ceased to be
What He was thought to be:
A king like Henry,
For He loved to lay
A civilisation beyond our Earth

I marvel at His humility
When He wanted me love
I rejoice at His sagacity
With which He solve
A life for me.

I’ve long in arms dwell
And cried like a child
In His love my head swell
For His love is comfort mild
And a gracious uplift.