(By Abegunde Israel)

Afore time is a land

That glories in uprightness.Before now is a state,
That sovereigns in liberty.
The government upon her shoulders.
The royal robe and office staff.

Yesteryears is a state,
That builds tomorrow.
Yesterday is a land,
That sow the seeds of truth.
A one that pride in justice.
All works of heroes past.

And now is the land,
She trades in guilts.
And opined grace abounds.
A one that bargains law;
Degreed in all lasciviousness.

Now the land,
Sell righteousness for silver,
And the needy for a pair of shoes.
Trampling the poor Into the dust,
And rocks in making cankerworms celebrities.

Like under a spell,
Her inhabitants die.
Like in Marah is the water.
Like in the wilderness, the serpents bites.
The Amalekites, philistines, the lords of iron and brass.

Now like beggars feed on crumbs.
What a shame that despise her!
that the he pebbles of shame thrown
now forms a hardtack.
A one that refuses to go.

Like on theatre,
She performs live;
a Laughingstock to nations.
A once giant is fallen!
But how shall a brass serpent be made her to live again?