See men live as sand of seas
Living the earth, as though twill never cease
The ones that banks at flowing streams
To be and live their being eternal

Oh see him live the world an inn!
In it he lives frosty keen.
Merry merry toasty bread
Living merry, off the coast;life bred.

Lingering on, deeper still,
Deep rooted, like Ruth lingered still.
A sponsor of no bill,
Mansions huge; hugesome hill.
“By you i live, eternal is life!”
Chief in spouses, not one wife!
Life is dear, dear to dare.

See him fill full the earth.
Bending to switches,a witched bitch fool.
Wide and vast is earth’s heart,
Rest after all is the dirge song led
But then in batches will maggots feed your being
Well seasoned; A sausage roll,
In the deep depth hole.